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Turn Back the Clock with TempSure Envi

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Gen X, or a Millennial, medical technology continues to develop treatments designed to help you look forever young. Nothing can take your skin back to that early 20-something perfection, but the results of treatments with TempSure® Envi from CynoSure™ comes close enough.

This innovative treatment rebuilds skin cells from the inside out and meets Dr. Mitchell C. Latter’s rigorous standards for effectiveness, patient safety, and limited downtime. Read more about TempSure skin revitalization treatments and why Dr. Latter offers them at our offices in Bellflower and South Pasadena, California.

Why TempSure?

TempSure effectively enhances your body’s natural ability to revitalize skin at the cellular level without damaging the top skin layer. This results in toned, more youthful appearing skin without the discomfort and potential side effects related to chemical peels, injections, and other cosmetic therapies.

The treatments are quick and painless. Also, there’s no recovery time required after a TempSure session. This means you can return to work or other daily activities immediately after leaving the office. Other therapies require several days, even weeks, for skin discoloration and other side effects to fade.

Dr. Latter also appreciates the advanced technology and superior design incorporated into the TempSure Envi system, which provides highly effective results while ensuring patient comfort and safety during and after the treatment.

How does TempSure Envi work?  

The skin on your face and neck takes the brunt of your exposure to sun, wind, and environmental pollutants that damage your skin’s health and increase the appearance of aging. Your body does manufacture substances that fight against these changes, but this natural healing process slows as you age.  

TempSure uses radio frequency (RF) energy to warm tissue layers deep beneath the surface layer of your skin. Delivered via a small handheld device, the heat stimulates and increases your body’s production of collagen and other healing components that repair, rebuild, and revitalize skin from within.

What can I expect during a TempSure Envi treatment?

TempSure treatments are done here at our office, take about 45 minutes for a full face and neck treatment, and are completely painless. During a session, Dr. Latter passes the TempSure device over the targeted treatment area as you lie comfortably reclined with your eyes closed.

Built-in safety measures ensure the RF energy remains consistent and at the precise level necessary for natural healing without triggering a pain response or doing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Because RF energy delivered via TempSure Envi does not cause the stinging and burning often associated with laser and other cosmetic therapies, most of our patients find the experience quite relaxing. Your skin may be slightly pink afterward but that fades quickly.

For more information about the many benefits of TempSure Envi, schedule a consultation with Dr. Latter today. Call the office and speak with a friendly team member or request an appointment online.

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